I’m Laura, a travel blogger from Belgium.

Ever since I started my career I tried to fit into the 9-5 life in Belgium. Although I  took up different challenges in the end I always felt restless and like something was missing.

I had the chance to travel a lot within Europe from a young age, and I soon discovered what traveling means to me. It makes me feel more alive, free and it helps me find joy and peace of mind at the same time. When life hit me hard in 2017 and being single again, I decided nothing would hold me back from choosing myself and lead a life worth living. In one year I traveled five countries, including a trip to Latin America which I always dreamt of.

I traveled solo a few times, either connecting with people in small groups or all by myself. I love both, but traveling alone gives a sense of freedom that is beyond compare. On this blog I will document my travel adventures, solo or together, along with tips hoping to inspire you to embark on your own. If you live fearless and learn to trust your journey, it can actually set you free!

Happy travels,

Laura x