Camogli, a hidden gem along the Ligurian coast

My absolute favorite travel destination is Italy. I lost track of the times I went to visit Tuscany. Only last summer I laid eyes on the beautiful Ligurian coast. Although Cinque Terre is the local hotspot, there are many other hidden gems in the area. Learn why Camogli is definitely one of them.

Camogli is an old pastel colored fishing village with great charm. A few things I especially liked were the following:

#1: The story

The name of the town probably goes back to its fishermen, leaving their wives at home to sail across the Mediterranean. ‘Le case Delle Mogli’ literally means the wives’ houses. Camogli is quiet and colorful, much less crowded than the nearby towns of Portofino, Portovenere or Cinque Terre. Most of all Camogli is a valued holiday resort for the Italians themselves. The busiest period to visit Camogli would be around the fish festival in May and the Stella Maris (‘Star of the sea’) festival in August. The latter is said to be a truly magical event as everyone lights up a candle light and places it on the sea. This definitely sounds like something I would return for!

The view on Camogli from the Cenobio dei Dogi hotel.
Via Giuseppe Garibaldi houses and restaurants, Camogli.

#2: The trick and treat of the seafront area 

Camogli has an incredibly beautiful seafront promenade Via Giuseppe Garibaldi starring gorgeous tall houses and palazzi. Most houses have dark green shutters and terracotta facades. Looking closely, you will see that most houses are painted with shutters, window frames, curtains on their facades. It’s a lovely and ingenious detail that made me smile every time I was walking by. It is really more than meets the eye!

At the seafront promenade, you will find plenty of restaurants with terraces facing the beach. The local cuisine is just great, starring a divine local pesto and of course their fresh catch(es) of the day. A great spot for watching sunsets as well.

Camogli’s little harbor and colorful fishermen’s boats.
Views from the Porto Prego restaurant in Via al Porto, Camogli.

#3: The local harbor / seaport

In Camogli, life revolves around the little harbor that still looks intact. It still seems that local fishermen are going strong. Luckily, you won’t find any yachts, like you do in the nearby towns. The low-key vibe and wonderful relaxed atmosphere is what I love so much about this town. They have pretty good seafood around the port as well. You can’t miss it while you’re around!

The Basilica Di Santa Maria Assunta in Camogli.

#4: Scenery and landmarks

At the end of Via Garibaldi and only up a few steps from the harbor lies the main centerpiece of Camogli: the Basilica Di Santa Maria Assunta. Especially around dusk the view on the church is amazing. Another landmark is the Dragonara Castle, used to be serving as a defense for the village and the entire coast.

View from the restaurant La Terrazza Giulia in the Cenobio dei Dogi hotel.

#5: The Cenobio dei Dogi hotel

In 1565 ‘The Dogi’ was built as a luxury villa for an aristocratic family as a getaway. Now a four-star hotel, the only one in Camogli, nothing beats its location overlooking the coastline. The hotel is offering a private beach on the rocks, a saltwater pool and three restaurants providing stunning views. If you are looking for a luxury stay for a few days, this should be your pick.

Taking a stroll in Portofino town.

Have you been to Camogli already? Let me know your thoughts about the town! If you are curious to explore more nearby tows, like Portofino, you can easily reach those by boat in the harbor. I went to Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure just for day trips. Camogli also has its own train station, where a city as Genua only is one trainride away! 

Happy travels!

Laura x

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