5 reasons to stay in a jungle oasis: Habitas Tulum

If you are looking for the perfect glamping experience in a jungle oasis at Tulum beach, I might have found your dream stay. I never felt more at home any place than at Habitas Tulum. It was really one of the best stays I ever had. Find out what sets this dreamy jungle hotel apart from the others. 

#1: Your own hidden getaway

Habitas Tulum is a private getaway in the north end of the Tulum hotel zone far away from tourists. Once you found the entrance – it is quite hidden – the reward is great. From the moment you enter Habitas Tulum you become part of their ‘family’. We experienced a little welcome ceremony and from that moment everything was taken care of by their most attentive staff. 

Look for this sign along the Carretera Tulum-Bocapaila.

#2: Eco-friendly glamping experience

The hotel is really serene, quiet and immersed within both the jungle and beachside. Their mission is to relax, regenerate and blend in with nature. Although it is a really eco-friendly hotel you will not lose out on your luxury glamping experience. 

Walking the jungle pathway to your jungle tent is an experience of its own. The jungle rooms are really well equipped, with air-conditioning, a kingsize bed, outdoor bathroom, private porch, etc. (no tv!) The handmade furniture and decoration is rustic chic and bohemian. Habitas knows it is all in the details.

#3: Quiet beach front and poolside

Habitas Tulum has a private sandy beach as well as a small infinity pool. Since it is located at the north end of the hotel zone, it is really quiet and no tourists are ever passing by. No need to reserve sunbeds ever.

Although it is well known that Tulum has a seaweed problem, we were kind of lucky in September to not have the beach covered in seaweed. Except for one day, we almost didn’t see any seaweed during our stay. 

#4: MORO restaurant

In fact this should be the number one reason to visit this hotel. The Moro restaurant is where you could be having breakfast, lunch and dinner with your feet in the sand beneath the palms. The MORO food and staff were out of this world. Everything was super fresh, healthy and delicious. We actually preferred not to go elsewhere for dinner because the food here was utterly amazing. No words for it. 

I must say the restaurant area has a great vibe as well. In daylight it is great for lounging, with its numerous hammocks right by the bar. At night, it’s great for cosy dinners, hearing the waves roll in the distance. It does not get better than this.

#5: Living inspired

The hotel cares a lot about making you feel at home, together with a focus on sustainable travel and living inspired. The hotel is home to a lot of yoga retreats and has a rooftop terrace where meditation sessions are being held throughout the day. Furthermore, each day you will find inspiring quotes at their entrance. Again a lovely detail. 

Lovely quotes that will keep you inspired at Habitas Tulum.

In sum, staying at Habitas Tulum is an amazing retreat, especially because of their incredible hospitality,  bohemian jungle rooms, lovely beachfront and heavenly food. The tranquil atmosphere is just perfect if you want to unwind and disconnect. It really has an intimate, private getaway feel you will sure enough miss when you are leaving Tulum! Highly recommended! 

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